The purchase, ownership and management of yachts has become much more complex in recent years as maritime countries seek to raise taxes from visiting and berthed yachts. As such the whole process requires a specialised set of skills and expertise covering the relevant jurisdictional areas involved and all aspects of the management.  This includes payment of taxes and other marine fees, the management of licences, the employment of properly qualified staff , their salaries and package, personal ship and public liability insurance, general supplies and all other things nautical.

Because by their very nature, yachts tend to move from port-to-port, country-to-country, the paperwork must be in order at all times to satisfy port authorities and to avoid delays and unnecessary expense.  It is therefore very important to oversee the purchase and management of a yacht with a long-term view to minimise any potential for tax and regulatory infringement. 

This means arranging with the vendor, yacht broker(s), the skipper, and the management company to conclude a successful outcome for the owner, the yacht and its crew.  International regulations now require that crew are properly qualified, their salaries are fully controlled and that all taxes and social security payments, where due, are declared which requires constant vigilance as the yacht moves between ports. 

At the end of the relationship the sale of the yacht is just as important as the purchase because in most cases the yacht will move on as an entity in its own right.  The crew and the yacht owner all benefit from forward thinking management and the avoidance of doubt.

Château Fiduciaire SA has hands on experience in this process and can assist and guide the yacht owner through the various obstacles of purchase, ownership, management and eventual sale.