The provision of a Family Office Service has developed over the years in line with the increasing number of wealthy families. As clients and their families travel more widely, invest globally and live ever more complex lives, a family office has become the focus for services that provides the family with peace of mind. The Swiss reputation for delivering professional services in a confidential and discreet manner makes Switzerland an excellent jurisdiction from which to administer the family office.

The concept of a family office is to provide a personal service that goes well beyond the administration of the trust structures or companies of a successful family. The family office is by its nature unique to every family and often evolves over a period of time. Some families need an administrative service or back office to look after and manage their assets, provide day to day book keeping, manage legal affairs, educational investments and succession planning whereas for other families the service may extend still further to more personalised matters such as managing family properties, aeroplanes, yachts, insurances, household staff and other personnel, cars, art works and any other aspect that the family might reasonably expect.

The wide choice of private banks, investment companies and wealth management professionals in Geneva make this beautiful city an ideal location for the family office. Château Fiduciaire SA as an entirely independent company enables us to select services and other essential products best suited to the needs of a particular family and their longer term objectives.