A sustaining factor of the fiduciary industry is the common use of companies formed in low tax jurisdictions. In recent years the use of companies to hold investments, property, carry out trade, employ staff and conduct all and every type of business has been supplemented by tax efficient structures such as Limited Liability Partnerships.

Companies are widely recognised as the vehicle of choice for all manner of business activities. Chateau Fiduciaire SA is able to source and manage companies from all the primary jurisdictions. The choice of jurisdiction for incorporating a company is often a question based upon the tax planning for the client and may involve the use of low tax jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Guernsey or Nevis where there is no corporation tax, to more traditional onshore jurisdictions such as England or Malta where there are more complex tax or corporate issues to take into account.

The use of Limited Liability Partnerships and Family Limited Partnerships has become more common in recent years due the transparent nature of these structures. They are helpful in co-ordinating a project or having common ownership of an asset where there is more than one legal owner. The advantage with such structures is that each partner is responsible for their own taxes and there are no imputed taxes on the partnership itself.

For both companies and partnerships Château Fiduciaire SA are able to advise on the choice of vehicle, deal with the incorporation or founding documentation and thereafter, manage all subsequent matters from the provision of corporate Directors, Company Secretary or General Partner to operating bank accounts, keeping statutory records and generally managing all aspects of the Company or partnership.