Château Fiduciaire SA has an extensive global network of tax and investment advisors, banks, lawyers and accountants ensuring our clients receive tailored comprehensive advice appropriate for their unique needs. We provide a full range of fiduciary services for the establishment and administration of trusts, foundations, companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, payroll and employment solutions and maritime purposes, all of which are managed and administered from our offices in Geneva.

Independence affords Château Fiduciaire SA complete and discreet flexibility to instruct professionals such tax advisors expert in a particular area or investment managers based entirely on their performance. Our dedicated stable team of professionals offer personal and friendly services committed to providing a wide range of resources and technical skills to find creative solutions to complex problems for the discerning international and entrepreneurial family.

Our philosophy is simple: To provide the best available solution for every client with fast response times and equal collaboration.

Why Geneva?

In every category of any international assessment of business locations, Geneva shines. For international structures, Geneva offers a perfect mix of advantages; a location right in the heart of Europe, a full compliment of professional services, a highly skilled multi lingual stable workforce with a business friendly government.

A truly international city with multi national organisations, diplomatic missions and permanent representatives, Geneva is truly a cosmopolitan city with over 40% of the population being foreign. Geneva’s internationally renowned education system, restaurants, banking services and excellent transport links provide a conducive business environment for the reputable management and administration of your business affairs.